Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Lake Vynwy and Bala

    Lake Vynwy and Lake Bala
    I was a delivery driver and had often seen the road sign to lake Vynwy but never actually seen the Lake so thought we could have a look. We headed off and about an hour later the roads as always start to get better just to the West of Shrewsbury. We followed the road to Welshpool and then out towards Dollgelau until we picked up the signs eventually arriving at the lake for dinner. Once refueled we did a lap of the lake and headed home.

    Lake Bala
    After returning home from lake Vynwy I looked for another lake to visit and Bala was next closest. Afew weeks later we headed to Shrewsbury then Oswestry and turned off to Knockin. After crossing the A49 the roads start getting good but then you arrive at Llangynog, a good place for a rest before going on one our all time favourite routes, up over the mountain on the B4391, with some great views and a few hairpins and twisties thrown in for good measure. Well worth the journey and a great accidental find.

    We set off early on a wednesday morning, heading into a new area.
    It had been an expensive year for us with one thing or another, myself and Jon were paying for new bikes, and I had been to Daytona to watch the NASCAR race earlier in the year so the wife didnt want me to go away again the same year. We had plans to go to Germany in 2006, and had bought some Oxford hump back luggage carriers so thought we could test them out on the bikes. 
    We headed off and visited a cafe just our side of Oswestry called Grandads, an excellent choice for an all day breakfast. 
    Next we went through Llangollen and down to Bala turning towards Harlech and past one of the lakes. This road goes down through the valley and snakes a little as it follows the stream eventually bringing you out not far from Portmadog. We turned onto a long downhill and past a power station, and left towards Harlech. The road had just been resurfaced with those horrible stone chippings which left stones stuck to places all over the bikes.
    After about 15 miles you can see Harlech castle standing above the town of the same name. We parked up and had a walk round. The castle is in some lovelly scenery with views of the sea and behind it are the Welsh mountains. Unfortunately the castle has seen alot of fighting so is a ruin, its not much more than some old walls with a some towers you can climb. We still enjoyed our visit and its well worth the £3 pounds entry fee. Jon had had a brain wave, he went and bought a pair of shorts and some flip flops before going into Harlech castle and changed into them behind a wall,(see picture below) to test them out.

    We headed to Barmouth which lies about 20 minutes away, and spent an hour on the sea front sun bathing in our leathers, except Jon who had kept his shorts on under his leathers.
    We stayed until about 4 o'clock before filling up and heading back. We decided to come back over Dinas which is the steepest main road in Wales, and following the road to Welshpool and then headed home
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