Sunday, August 21, 2011

August - Welcome to Everyday Superbikes

 Well Terapad didnt answer any of my emails about how to pay for their service and closed the account. I have had this page at Blogger for a few years but didnt do anything with it. On second glance it could be a better place for Everyday Superbikes. Only time will see.

 I have quite alot to do over the next few weeks and still have quite a lot to learn with what features are available to us.

 I still intend to update the site at the start of each month with what we have been up to, the state of the Fantasy league and a bike related news topic, I would like some comments on what content you may like to see here.

 Yamaha Europe has annonced they are pulling out of World Superbikes in 2012. This I think is a major loss to the series and 2 good riders are currently going to be out of work (E.Laverty and M.Melandri). Personally I would rather Yamaha pull out of MotoGP, then Yamaha would concentrate on the World Superbikes series putting in an extra bike or two on the WSB stage and promoting their current road going motorcycles. It would save them a fortune, as MotoGP bikes cost around a million each, and a WSB is about £250,000 each.

 Fantasy League round 6
  Transfer window 5 closes on 26th August. In round 6 there will be 3 MotoGp races, 2 WSB races and 5 BSB races. Can anyone stop Rich making it a hatrick?

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