Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guy Martin

 During August I decided to refit my slightly battered exhaust can back on my Yamaha R1. After a few hours of tapping,polishing and filing I managed to get it somewhere near acceptable. I am hoping to hear from Blueflame to see if I can get a replacement piece that fits around the end where the rivets go and then it should look almost like new.
 Col has been in a polishing mood, on our last Sunday outing his fireblade was looking good, even the wheels had been cleaned of any chain wax that had flung onto them after the trip to Scarborough and the Lakes.
 Jon has left his bike in the garage for most of August.

Col and myself went to Streetbike in Halesowen on Wednesday (31st Aug) as they had organised an evening of tea and racing talk with Guy Martin. We both enjoyed what he has to say and he seems a genuinely nice bloke, who loves all things mechanical and riding motorbikes.


  We had a few rides out in August.
A day out to Devils Bridge by Aberystwyth. The usual 3 of us made this ride. We headed to Rhyader to join one of the roads on our ultimate roads list The A44, then followed the signs towards Aberystwyth. Before you reach Aberystwyth you turn left towards Devils Bridge.
 There is 3 bridges stacked one on top of the other, but only the top one is usable. Legend has it that the devil built the 1st one in order for an old woman to get across to fetch her cow from the otherside. In our opinion, this cow must have been one hell of a climber to get from the one side of the gorge to the other!  Click here to see Devils Bridge official website.

 Coming home we decided to utilise another piece of road from our ultimate road list, a road know to us as the A44 (again!) This time it was a different section, by New Radnor. We pulled into a layby for a break. My bikes immobileser wouldn't disarm, I tried disconnecting the battery and allsorts but the best I managed was to get the engine running but the indicators were stuck on. Col suggested that the alarm may have a hazard light mode, and after a few experiments we discovered by holding the button pressed when the ignition was on it did, this stopped the lights flashing and all was back to normal. Welldone Col for suggesting that one.

A day out to Hope Valley by Shrewsbury. Jon could'nt make it as he was having his nostrils plucked so it was just myself and Col.
 We thought we would get a sandwich over at the layby in Wenlock on the way, but Col left the ignition on and flattend his battery. After a push along the lay by he was going again. Next stop was Clun another of our favourite places to ride to. The roads to get there are nice and twisty and once you get there by the castle is a nice spot to stop for a break.
 From there we headed to Ludlow and back over the Clee and back home.

  I took some video of the best bits and will put some bits on our youtube soon.

Carl has sent some pictures of his day at the BSB race weekend from Oulton Park, which race 2 was unfortunatley rained off. He got some cracking shots from practice and race 1. see below.

click to enlarge

Fantasy league

 Another window closes and Rich is still in the lead. He managed to stretch his lead to 90 points in August, scoring well from his Motogp riders. Mathew Hipkins team CJLE scored the most points over the game round though securing his 4th place.
 Phill and his Time to play the game team made a poor choice to the team in the shape of J Ellison, who let him down in every race, and dropped him down the leaderboard almost to Cols level.
Carl with his team Tomos two wheelers climbed to a well respectable position after getting some strong finishes in BSB.

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