Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Display Settings / Dashboard Info

 If like us you sometimes travel abroad and you have a digital display, you will find it useful to make some changes to the way the speed is displayed on your bikes multi function display so that it reads in KPH rather than MPH and adjust your clock to read the correct time for the country your visiting.
 Below are the settings for the bikes we have.

 Yamaha R1 2002-2004 Display Settings:-

Displays Time, Speed, Engine Temperature, 2 Trip odometers and
 Total odometer, and last 20 miles of fuel

To Switch Between Time And Odometer/Tripmeter
1. With key in on position
2. Press select for 1 second
 This can be done on the move.

To Change From MPH To KPH
1. Turn key to on
2. With the display showing trip-1,trip-2 or ODO
3. Press both Reset and Select together for 2 seconds
   You will see the MPH change to KMH or back to MPH

To Adjust The Time
1. Turn the key to on
2. Press and hold the Select button for at least 1 second
3. Press both the Reset and Select buttons together for 2 seconds
4. When the hour starts to flash press the Reset button to scroll through the hours.
5. Press Select and then the minutes start to flash
6. Press the Reset button to change the minutes
7. Press the Select button to finish.

Suzuki GSXR 1000 K7 Display Settings:-

2 buttons located at top and bottom of lights
labelled Mode and Adjust

To Change From MPH To KPH
1. With Key in On position
2. Hold down the MODE button and ADJUST buttons for 3 seconds
    You will see Km/h change to Mph or back.

To Adjust The Time
1. Turn Key to On
2. In time display mode, press the mode button until hours starts to flash,
3. Then click the adjust button to change the hours.
4. When you want to adjust the minute hand click mode then the minutes will start blinking.
5. Press mode to finish

Honda CBR900 Fireblade 1994-1996 Display Settings:-

There is no time clock fitted.

You need to look at the analogue speedometer which displays both MPH  in White and KPH In Orange, The UK model only records trip distance in Miles.
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