Friday, October 28, 2011


 This October (2011) has been quite a mild one, so we have used this to our advantage and had a few early starts to cover some distance.

 We like to have a place to head for rather than aimlessly riding around making the route up as we go, so decided that mid Wales was looking good weather wise so headed there. We know enough good roads (listed in our Ultimate Roads section)in the area to string together a good route which involves going to a favourite Cafe for a warming coffee after a couple of hours.

  We headed off towards Tenbury Wells to use the A456 one of Jons favourite roads. We had just fitted a set of bobbins to the engine mounts on his Suzuki and made a camera mount, so he wanted to do some filming, the position is perfect.

 He has added the film to his youtube channel here.

After Tenbury we headed west towards Leominster and the A44, which runs right past the cafe at Crossgates in Wales. For us the A44 is a road covering over 95 miles in length and wherever we join it, we know there will be a nice bit coming up soon. We dont like to use the same roads to get back home so headed towards Knighton along another twisty road the A488. In one section I passed Col as I knew the next set of bends were good ones, just before the next corner he took me by suprise, cheekily passing me back and got to the twisty bit first so led through the section with me close behind, good fun, most enjoyable! Luckily Jon recorded this aswell so we can relive this. 
You too can see this as the clip is on our Youtube channel here.

 The week after Jon couldn't make it, so Col and Me decided to try the A44 from Worcester to Leominster. Again it didnt disappoint as we travelled out of the City the roads got twisty for quite some miles, eventually arriving at Leominster. We came across a sign saying Dom's Bikers Cafe, and had to test it.
 Dom's Cafe is not just a cafe, its a nice relaxing spot amongst some pine trees, and a camp site.
You can check out his website here
From here the weather got cooler by a few degrees so we headed north towards Church Stretton and then back West towards Bridgnorth and home.

Hopefully we will have 2-3 Sunday morining rides left this year, who knows what the weather will do?
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