Thursday, November 10, 2011


 Have you ever needed some strong plastic glue or to fill a hole in a plastic panel?

 We at Everyday Superbikes have. In 2 seperate unfortunate incidents, the forces of evil pointed their fingers at both the Fireblade and R1 which have been on their sides causing damage to the plastic fairings.
 Col with his Fireblade was in such a rush to catch the Eurostar on our way to Germany that he forgot to remove the disk lock from his front wheel. Inevitabely the disk lock endo took place and the bike ended up on its side. After picking both him and the bike up there was 2 bits of white plastic left on the ground and then we noticed the space where it had come from. Something better than glue was required to put it back together, but what? On arriving at Sliders Guest House, a chap called Andy suggested we try a Plastex kit.
 Six months later Phill was taking the R1 for an MOT and when pulling off his estate noticed a large hole in the road appear from under the car he was following, which needed avoiding. In doing so the R1 ended up sliding along for a few metres on its side causing a hole in the fairing big enough to poke your finger through. Col suggested Plastex.

 Fixing Cols fairing required a Dremil tool to shave the edges of the parts first then the Plastex was mixed and applied and after 20 minutes it had set, bonding the bits back together as though they had never been apart. Later he noticed a lug that holds on the rear plastic section under the seat that was broken off, so using the kit made a template and rebuilt the missing part. It worked perfectly and we were all impressed with the result.

 Fixing Phills fairing required a Dremil tool to shave off the rough parts first, then some clear tape is stuck to the one side of the hole and then on the otherside Plastex is applied until the hole is filled. Leave it for 20 minutes and when the tape is removed the fairing has no hole, it looked a mess though so using the Dremil I sanded it down and added more Plastex until the shape looked right. I smoothed off the Plastex with some sand paper and painted it and now the surface looks a whole lot better. A £10 Plastex kit has saved the cost of a new fairing panel. Most impressive!
 You can watch a video on repairing plastic motorbike fairings  here 
(its plastifix which is similar stuff and the repair process is the same)
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