Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suzuki GSXR 1000

Jons Suzuki GSXR 1000 K7
The GSXR K7 model has the indicators built into the mirrors

 This is Jons Suzuki GSXR 1000 K7. The model was released for 2007 - 2008. Suzuki have always made class leading motorbikes and this is no exception. The power was raised to 185 BHP and was the first main stream bike to have a power mode switch that lets the rider select between full power, medium for economy and a wet weather mode. Suzuki have fitted twin pipes on their 1000cc model which is different from the other manufacturers who make superbikes.

 The Clocks have a rev counter, with a gear indicator, a Digital Speedo with 2 trip counters and odometer, temperature guage and clock. the usual array of lights surround the left side of the rev counter, and a rev limit light is set just below. The handlebars are a nice distance away and slightly higher than the Yamaha, and the foot pegs are adjustable, giving the rider a choice of aggressive or relaxed seating positions. Suzuki has removed the indicators from being stalks sticking out the fairing front and back, but have gone for indicators in the mirrors and built into the rear body, this gives a sleeker look and reduces wind drag. Suzuki have only one centre headlight, so if the bulb goes when your out theres no 2nd light to get you home.The rear section of the seat comes off and there is room for a tool kit, wheel lock, a drink and a Kitkat, but if you replace the seat with the plastic seat cowl there is enough extra space for a packet of crisps!

Riding it
 There is plenty of power from the engine when in A mode and after 8000rpm in B mode. All Suzuki engines have a sporty sound to them and this one sounds great. The handling is very good, turning in when you lean into the corners. The bike makes you feel in control at whatever pace your going. Because of the adjustable foot pegs you can have as much room to move as you set it too. The suspension is fully adjustable so can be set for any sized rider.

Stats and Everyday Superbikes stats

  • Engine size - 999cc
  • Top speed - 186 MPH
  • Power - 185 BHP
  • Weight - 172 kg
  • Fuel tank size - 17.5 ltr
  • Average MPG - 38
  • Tank Range - 146
  • Insurance group - 17
  • Tyres - Front 120/70 x17,  Rear 190/50 x17
  • Suspension - Fully adjustable


 Jon has added 2 Arrow end cans, and a power commander to his bike.
 Carl has had fitted a 2 into 1 straight through exhaust, and had the bike lowered at Revs suspension ( ,who did a great job of setting the bike up for him to ride.

Before a lap of the Ashwood Triangle

As New

Carls GSXR K8 Has slight update to paint scheme
Jon with his GSXR

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