Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Suzuki GSXR 1100M

My Gixer 1100

 This Suzuki GSXR 1100M was the model from 1991 it was nick named the sling shot by many owners and people in the bike industry. When the bike was new it was hailed as the bike to own getting a reputation for being the meanest, biggest and baddest because of its massive power. 
 In1994 the Honda Fireblade came along bringing with it the modern era of motorbikes and in 1998 the last GSXR 1100 rolled of the production line.

 The GSXR 1100 was introduced in 1989 through the years had very few changes made to it. Most of them invovlved changes to help with the handling. 

 The bike I owned was not as it came out the shop by the time I bought it, and the instruments differed slightly to other GSXR 1100s that I came across. The speedometer had a trip counter and odometer, and the Rev counter which was the same size was set slightly higher. Underneath was the usual array of lights. The Handlebars were in a nice position, and the seat felt quite low and peg quite high, sitting you more upright than the modern superbikes. The seat seamed huge, and the rear section lifted off to reveal a compartment large enough for tools,locks,dinner and drinks.

Riding It
  Believe all the reviews that you read that say the handling was poor. I know they say a bad workman blames his tools, however at the time I owned this bike I thought I was rubbish at going round corners, until I rid the same road on another bike, then I realised how hard to handle the gixer really was. Mind you it made up for that on a straight or slightly twisty road with the power the thing had, you twist the throttle and it just kept going faster and faster and the noise was amazing! The engine was air/oil cooled and when it got hot, the heat went up the inside of the fairing right at you.

Stats and Everyday Superbike stats
   (its been a while since owning this bike so some stats are estimated)
  • Engine size - 1127cc
  • Top speed - 155 MPH (I saw 120mph)
  • Power - 145BHP
  • Weight - 238kg
  • Fuel Tank - 21 ltrs
  • Avg MPG - 38
  • Tank range - 180 ish ( I never did more than 180 but it could have)
  • Insurance Group 16
  • Tyres 130/60 zr17 front, 180/55 zr17 rear
  • Suspension - Fully adjustable all round. Upside down forks on front


 The bike I ownedI think is still my favourite to look at, the colours were good and the polished aluminium finished it off nicely.
It had a list as long as your arm of alterations, so here goes with the better bits:-
 After market rear swing arm, K&N filters, Dyno Jet stage 3, Full Art race exhaust system, Ohlins suspension for front forks, braided brake hoses, Tinted screen, Painted wheels, Gold Chain set (cant remember the make though).
 This stuff above would have given it more power and is the reason it made it sound as good as it did.
Unfortunately, the bike had so many problems it was off the road for 6 months of the 2 years I owned it. 
 These were:-
            The cog on second gear stripped some teeth and the gear changer kept jamming, it suffered with Clutch Creep, thats when your stopped but in gear with the clutch is pulled in and the bike trys to move very slowly forwards. Other people used to love the bike that much that they tried to pinch it twice.
 It is the only bike I have ever took the engine out of and took to pieces, suprisingly I put it back together and it worked first time. 
Oh and did I mention, that awsome sound :)

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