Saturday, December 31, 2011


December, no wind and blue sky

 It was suggested yesterday (30th) that the last weekend of the year was going to be a fairly mild one, Rich who has recently past his bike test and bought his bike asked if we had plans to take the bikes out and could he tag along if we were. The weather forecast looked good, with temperatures well above the average for the time of year and only a 20% chance of rain,
 I said ''yeah thats a good idea we'll go out in the morning, if its not raining''
 I thought its the perfect oppotunity to say we ve ridden in December. I spoke to both Jon and Col who were up for it, so it was arranged for an 11am start. Before I went to bed I checked my bike and it was ready to go.

We had been promised a cloudy day, wet to start with temperatures up to 11 degrees, which is what had been delivered.

 10 am on the last day of the year, I phoned Rich, he was on his way back from hospital having fell over and cracked a bone in his wrist, so he couldn't make it. Next I spoke to Col who had already sorted out his bike and in a few minutes could be ready and on his way, then I rang Jon who had been having trouble with his battery, it had been on charge all night but there was not enough charge to turn the engine fast enough to start it. I said when Col gets here we'll come around and help you get it running.
 Jons bike has been put away after our ride to Newtown in October and since then it has not been started or seen a bucket of water. There was plenty of dead fly splats still stuck to the front of his bike, Col commented that it must have been cold in the garage as some of them were now wearing green fur coats. I looked into his garage and spotted a line of  bottles on a shelf.
  Every year Jon buys a bottle of Muc Off bike cleaner and on the side in his garage is a line of bottles of Muc Off. I thought of a song that fitted well with the situation, it goes:-

 4 Muc Off bottles standing by the wall, 
 4 Muc Off bottles standing by the wall,
 and if 1 Muc Off bottle should eventually get the call,
 there ll be 3 Muc Off bottles standing by the wall!

 We connected the jump leads between Jons bike and his car and the Gixer Jumped into life and we set off.
   The route was a short one, involving a fuel stop and a coffee stop. Both times we stopped Col and I had to push start the Gixer, so it looks like the battery is well and truely knackerd.

 It felt good to get out on the bike, feel the power, hear the engine and exhaust note, smell the fresh air and Dinner cooking as you pass the pubs, see bits of blue sky while riding twisty roads through the landscape and feel alive, even if it was just for a couple of hours.

Its great to get out with your mates.
get that fly covered thing away from our shiney bikes!
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