Saturday, December 31, 2011

So you want to get your bike licence?

    Our friend Rich has been talking about doing his bike test and getting out on the road with us for just over 18 months, and in December 2011 he passed his bike test 1st time.

 This is what he had to say about it.

There are 5 parts to passing your bike test and loosing the L plates.

CBT (Compulsive Basic Training)
You need this to ride a bike on the road, whether you want to do your bike test or ride a small capacity bike for up to 2 years.
 The CBT involves riding round cones and riding out on the road with an instructor.

Theory Test
 This consists of 50 questions about all aspects of riding, highway code, basic 1st aid and bike maintenance, you need to correctly answer 43 or more of them.

Hazard Perception Test
 This is 14 video clips where the candidate has to click the mouse/ press a button whenever a hazard looks like it could occur out of a possible 75 points you need to score 44 or more.

Module 1
Wheeling bike from a bay facing forward to a bay next to it, facing outward.
3 cicuits of a slalom then into a figure of 8
Riding for about 20 mtrs at walking pace.
Do a 'U' turn without going over lines or putting a foot down.
Ride through cones and stop in a designated box.
Emergency stop after being recorded at over 50km/h (30 mph)
Avoidance test, again after riding over 50km/h
Module 2
Answer show me/tell me question.
Answer question on the effect of carrying a pillion.
Eyesight test
30 minutes riding assesment while being followed by instructor.
includes a section of independant riding where you are told to follow signposts for a certain place until being told otherwise by instructor.
Getting on the road
Heres a rough guide to the costs of getting through the test and getting on the road:-
£120 CBT+ bike hire
£31   Theory/Perception Test
£450 2 days lessons fees for Mod 1+2
£150 Helmet but pay what you think your head is worth
£100 Jacket, look for leathers with the armour facility
£100 Trousers
£50   2 pairs gloves, 1 for winter and 1 for summer
£150 Decent pair of boots
£XXXX your looking at a 4 figure price for a decent bike 
£60   Bike Tax
£20   MOT
£60   Various warm clothing
£50   Chain lube, disk locks and bits and pieces
Upwards of £200 for Insurance
Also if you dont have a garage
 £999 gets you a secure metal bike garage/shed.
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