Sunday, January 29, 2012


 As I sit here writing this page on the last few days of the month, its a typical January day, grey sky, damp and cold, but knowing that Spring is only just over a month away makes me realise that I still have some jobs to do ready for the coming biking season.

 We managed to get out for a ride in January, as it was only 7 degrees we opted for a shorter journey involving a coffee in Quatt and some plane spotting on Bobbington Airport.

R1 & Fireblade at Bobbington Airport

 We at EDSBK have some plans a foot for our annual trip, which is going to be 1 of 3 destinations. Scotlands west coast, France to Le Mans and Normandy or to stay in England. We have to wait on our next night out for the big decision.

 Col and Me have bought some wheel rim stickers, which we think look great. I plan to change the oil and give the R1 a service in February and I am having my brakes stripped and rebuilt and then braided brake hoses fitted by our bike mechanic mate, Mark.
 Col has plans to revamp his Fireblade with a few subtle changes that are inkeeping with the original design.

 Jon has replaced his now dead battery and is planning on giving the gixxer a wash. 
Rich has started using his bike for some of his journeys to work and Mark is changing some mechanical bits on his bike.

 We have arranged for a special cleaning service called Top Off Scrubbers to remove the dead flies from the Gixer, the staff are very good, each have a couple of intresting areas they specialise in, doing a thorough job rubbing and polishing and always leave their customers satisfied.

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