Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Another cold month out of the way means spring is nearly here and our weekend bike trips will soon resume.

 The last weekend of Febuary was into the double figures on Saturday but cooler on Sunday.
Rich, Jon and Me decided to have a ride out on Saturday morning. It was the first time Rich had been out with us so he wanted to try group riding. We decided the Petrol Station was going to be our first stop which was a good idea as my fuel light came on just as we entered Bridgnorth and Jons had been on from home. I couldnt believe how much it cost to fill the tank. £18.45 I ve not spent that much in one tank before, 3 years ago I struggled to get more than £13.00 in there.
  After a quick coffee and the usual text of aggrevation to our less fortunate biker mates who were stuck at work we decided on a ride along the B4363 & B4199 a local favourite route of ours, with a good mix of corners, gradients, farm hazards and 3 hairpins for good measure. Smiles all round!
  I noticed the other day Rich still had the bung in the exhaust on his Kawasaki so suggested we remove it, the difference in sound was impressive. The bike gave a much deeper growl and sounded proper sporty.
Rich's ZX6R, Looks and Sounds great.
 The following morning Col suggested a ride so I thought great lets go. Rich and Jon unfortunately had other plans. I backed my bike out only to find it wont start, after a bit of experimenting I found I could start it if I pulled the clutch in and everything seemed fine until the stand went down and the engine cut out. (See Post Below)
 Because of this problem, I was busy thinking of all the grief this could cause me so ended up more of a cruise rather than the usual hunting for the best lines.

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