Monday, February 27, 2012

R1 Neutral Switch

 Have you got this problem with your R1? Engine wont start with stand down and no neutral light?

 The other day I backed the bike out of the garage and went through the usual starting procedure, only to find that I couldn't find neutral. I realised the gearbox was in neutral but the light wouldn't come on to say so. I thought oh the bulbs gone lets start it anyway, but nothing happened. I tried pulling the clutch in but nothing happend so I lifted the stand pulled the clutch in and it started. Great!
 So had a ride round and parked up at the cafe. when I came to go home the problem was back, so using the same sequence I managed to get it going again.

 My initial thoughts were the stand switch was playing up but on closer inspection decided it was ok, so stumpped at what to try next I checked the owners forums but there seems to be alot of confusion at what the problem is with these symptoms. All the advice led to nowhere or wiring loom faults. Eventually I found on an R6 forum the answer I was looking for. I tried it and problem solved, all for the price of a squirt of brake cleaner.

 This is what you need to do. Locate the plug sticking out the back of the engine by the rear shock. Pull off the connector, poke a small width but longish screwdriver into the connector on the loose wire and touch it against the case of the engine, with the gearbox in neutral, turn ignition on and the neutral light should come on. If not then you will need to look elsewhere as this is not your problem.
 You will need a 14mm socket to remove the sensor, once removed press the end that goes into the engine, it should spring back out, if not get some brake cleaner and give it a couple of squirts. Clean any corrosion off the electrical connections/terminals with some wire wool and re-fit it. Hopefully this will now fix the problem as it did for me.

I found this pic on net as I didnt take a photo of mine, but its the same
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