Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What will we be riding in the future?

Every year around January and February we talk about upgrading our bikes, either replacing the bike or changing some of the bits, this got me thinking ?? What would we be riding in the future? and would Col still have the same old fireblade as his had for 9 years already? but converted to steam?
Who knows?

 Fuel is becoming more and more expensive, the world is running out of oil and theres becoming more and more traffic on the roads, so transport as we know it needs to change to survive.
 The biggest immeadiate innovations seems to be coming in the form of the electric vehicle, more importantly to us the electric superbike has arrived. Its not exactly main stream though, but has insipred its own racing series's, one called the TT Zero, which is a 1 lap race of the Isle of Man TT circuit and the other a Motogp style series called TTXGP. Some of these machines can do speeds of up to 160mph, weigh in around 300kg and some can cover 100 miles.
 Thats good but not quite far enough to get to our favourite cafe and back on a Sunday Morning.
 The good or bad news depending on your opinion on the electric motorbike is the technology is trickling down in to road going electric bikes, and not to far in the future battery life, weight and size can only improve and these bikes could become more common place. There is plenty of videos on youtube of Electric bikes below are a few to have a look at.

 The exhaust noise is whats missing for me, not to say the electric motors wizz isnt a noise that could be got used too, but if its a choice of no exhaust noise or no bike then the noise begrudgingly could go.
Below are some images from the web of some of the latest electric superbikes, what do you think?

Chroma, Mission 1

NGR Arbarth

Debut Electric Superbike

Mavizen Electric Superbike

Shavit Electric Superbike

Robrady Vectrix Electric Superbike
Honda Electric Superbike

Italy Ebike

ARC EV Racing UK team in TTXGP

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