Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pre season upgrades and servicing

  We had been talking about having braided hoses fitted to the bikes since we noticed the dirty hydraulic fluid in the brake reservoirs on all our bikes, and a few weeks ago I decided I would ask Mark of MH Motorcycles, our bike mechanic mate if he would service the brakes and change the brake hoses on my R1 for a set of ''Lister'' braided ones.
  After talking with Mark we decided to change the configuration a bit, now the hoses split at the back of the clutch lever and a seperate line goes down to each side of the front wheel, doing away with the Y shape spliter Yamaha originally fitted. Also there is a bleed nipple on the fitting at the top where the hoses connect to the clutch lever to make bleeding them easier. The brakes are now setup similar to the way the race bikes are done.
 I decided to keep the hoses Black and use stainless steel, and gold fittings, but they do a variety of colours for both the hoses and metal bits. Once all the calipers had been removed and Mark had inspected them he found that my rear caliper had a hairline crack on the underside of the cast steel, so I did some phoning around to find a replacement. Yamaha quoted a bike off roading £400, which would have left my bank balance as empty as a hermits address book. Luckily I found a bike breaker on Ebay who sent me a rear caliper for £20 to my relief.

Braided brake hoses, calipers and fittings on my Yamaha R1

 The Yamaha R1 brakes are some of the best standard brakes fitted to motorbikes so even before having the new hoses fitted they worked well.
  Now it feels smoother and effortless when I pull the brake lever, but I cant say that I ve noticed that it stops any differently.
 I am very pleased with how my brakes look and feel.
Thanks alot Mark :)
 Once I got the bike home I changed the oil and oil filter, cleaned the K&N air filter and cleaned and adjusted the chain and exhaust valve. It always suprises me the improvements a good service makes.

  Mark has had a busy few weeks with EDSBK as Jon has also had his brakes serviced and new braided hoses fitted, Jon has once again used   ''Top Off Scrubber Services''   home call out to valet his bike as Mark says he wouldnt work on his Gixxer unless it was clean!
 Jon says ''since having the new hoses and the calipers cleaned the brakes seem to take less effort to pull and stopping power has improved alot'', in his opinion. Again Mark has changed the hose configuration running 2 hoses, one to each side of the front wheel, which is different to the upside down horse shoe system that Suzuki originally fitted.

The Fireblade has also had some attention to the brakes, Col has had the calipers serviced and the pads and hoses replaced, also Mark has replaced the chain for a gold coloured one and sprocket set aswell. Col says the brakes are much better than they were and notices a real dip in the suspension when applying some pressure to the lever. Mark adjusted the tick over speed and now the bike picks up power quicker and makes gear changes smoother.

 Our bikes mechanically should all be as good as they can be for 2012, bring on the sunny Sundays.

Thanks again Mark some great suggestions and an excellent job.

 If you require Marks services you can contact him on 07790 532 819
 or click the picture below to email him.
Please mention Everyday Superbikes.

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