Friday, March 23, 2012

Scottish TT??

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  Could this be the route of the proposed Scottish TT?

Plans to create a Scottish TT motorcycle road race circuit on the borders between Scotland and England are getting backing from local councillors, race teams and riders.
 It is gaining a lot of intrest over the internet from bike race fans, who see the event as another circuit to add to the list of road race circuits including The Isle Of Man, Northwest 200, Ulster GP and Olivers Mount circuits.
 It is just coincidence that EDSBK have plans to visit the area in the Summer as part of the 2012 Road trip so it would be rude not to do a couple of laps of the proposed 11.1 miles circuit while up there.
 However the route pictured above may not be 100% accurate as I am unsure of the route through the town of Jedburgh and the position of the start/finish line.

 We at EDSBK back the proposal, it can only be good for the sport to have more of these type of road courses in the UK aswell as Ireland.
 Now if we could only get another one near Bridgnorth.....
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