Monday, April 30, 2012


The UK has had some rubbish weather through April.
During the races from Brands Hatch in the British Superbike rounds the rain was that heavy the officials couldn,t clear the oil from the track after some accidents so Race 2 was postponed until a later date. Also the temperature has been struggling to make it into double figures which puts us off riding for more than a couple of hours. 
 So as you can imagine we havent had chance to use the bikes as much as we would like to have. However Col, Rich and Me have made it out a few times, all at the same time on one occasion and Jon has been out just once. 

 We decided to do the Wigmore route taking on a coffee and introducing Rich to Doms in Leominster. Hopefully in May we will get chance to take him to Wales and giving him his first experience of the A483, Crossgates Cafe, the A44 and the A488, some of our favourite roads, The rain stayed away until 5 minutes from home then the heavens opened and we got a soaking.
  Later in the month Col and I did a dodge the rain clouds run. This involves keeping one eye on the sky then guessing where the rain is going and trying to ride around it. We managed to get a couple of hours of riding in going from Bewdley to Bridgnorth,Wenlock, and Ironbridge, stopping for a photo by the river and The Woodbridge Inn at Coalport.

The Woodbridge Inn, which is next to a steel bridge. hmm!

 Col decided that his suspension was too soft and bouncy, maybe just lately he has had a burger too many, who knows? but the FireBlade is bouncy. We adjusted his suspension to a stiffer setting front and back and moved on, 2 minutes later it threw it down for a few minutes and we were soaked.
 Col said his bike felt better, so once I had returned home I dug out an old copy of Performance Bikes and we setup his FireBlade to there recommended positions, which gave it a whole different feel. Col remarked its like having a new bike.

 My rear tyre has finally reached the wear bars. It managed just over 5000 miles. These Pirelli Diablo Corsas are amazing, impressed with them I wanted another one, unfortunately they dont make those anymore but I managed to find a last in stock one which worked out £40 cheaper and hopefully it should last until the front one wears out, then I will see what Pirelli have replaced them with. 

 Fantasy League.
 Somehow I am still leading the championship, a couple of early gambles with Sykes and Kirkham have paid off. Col has moved up into 2nd place on equal points with Martin. The website team is in 5th!!! and the current champion in 7th and Jons down in 10th. During May is another transfer window and I have already got a plan.

 Welldone Cal Crutchlow we are pleased to see a UK rider mixin it with the best in Motogp.
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