Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brit Breaks Record Around Nordschleife

Click the picture to watch the video

British Rider Andy Carlise has broken the motorcycle lap record of Nurburgrings Nordschleife, which is the north loop of the track in a time of 7min 10sec. Andy has spent many hours and done thousands of laps of the circuit and now all the practice has paid off. He claimed the record on a public day which means there was other traffic on the circuit at the same time making this time even more incredible. 
 During the 2010  Everyday Superbikes trip to Germany we stayed at a Guest House by Nurburgring where Andy was building his Yamaha R1 especially to do fast laps of the 13 mile racing circuit / unrestricted oneway street described as the Green Hell by ex Formula 1 driver Jackie Stewert.

He really knows his stuff around bikes helping guest with bike repairs and was doing everything possible to his own bike to make it as lite as possible at the time we visited.

 Nice one Andy :)

Andy pictured in the garage doorway helping repair a bike
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