Monday, July 2, 2012

Flaming June

 I am not sure that anyone's told the weather that its June and we expect to see some sunshine and warmer days, so last month has had us dodging rain clouds again for most of our Sunday morning runs.

 We decided as so far in 2012 we hadn't all been out at the same time to all book a Wednesday off work and decided to do an all day route over the B4391 to Bala, a lap of the EVO-Triangle, the Ponderosa and the Horse shoe pass.
 As usual we headed to the caravan in the lay-by just outside Wenlock Edge where we all enjoyed a coffee and a sandwich to help us on our way. The A458 to Shrewsbury is a bit boring and when it meets the A5 it gets worse with only the islands/roundabouts/rotaries to break it up which can be fun when your trying to out brake and out accelerate the others.
 We turned off onto the B4396 that takes you past the Knockin shop then crossed the A483 and headed to the village of Llangynog where we normally stop to off load any extra liquids we don't want to take over the hill.
 Col pulled off the car park first and we headed for the excellent climb up the mountain along the B4391 only to find the road was closed for resurfacing and had to find another way. Damn.
Proof, all 4 bikes out at the same time

 Rich knew the area the best out of the 4 of us so led a route that took us along the side of lake Vynwy, the roads were narrow and covered in grit in places but had some impressive scenery and it got us to Bala and back on track and then I led the way to the Evo Triangle.

The EVO Triangle
 Not to be confused with our own Ashwood Triangle or the more famous Bermuda Triangle, the Evo Triangle is so named as its the test route that Evo magazine is said to use when doing a car test. As far as we know no one has gone missing when entering the triangle and all our electrical devices still functioned when we were in the area. Lots of car clubs use the route which covers about 20 miles, 3 roads and a village. We joined the route at the village of Cerrigydrudion and followed the twisty B4501 to the twisty but busy A543 then back along the straight A5. Heading in an anticlockwise loop of this circuit, starting from the village the B4501 has some great bends as it climbs its way up through the trees towards the lake. The time we went the local council had recently laid some chippings over the tarmac, so our cornering was without much pace for a few miles, or a few more KMs. The road straightens out before joining the A543. Everything became busy as we went along the A543, but again the road was good in places with some nice sets of open sweeping bends which provided some smiles. Unfortunately the boring straight A5 is the sober friend at the party, offering nothing, no beer, no pumping tunes or dancing girls, nothing to make you smile,  or talk about! Well apart from a petrol station.
Click here to find it in Google Maps
 The area has some nice scenery and a its easy to see why so many people go there. 

The Evo Triangle not to be confused for the
Bermuda Triangle or even our own Ashwood Triangle!
 Its a nice circuit but we preferred the A483 for our style of riding. We could see the rain approaching so headed towards Denbeigh where the sun was out.  
 We went through Denbeigh and Ruthin and came across the A525. This road had the makings of EDSBK ultimate road, unfortunately there was so much traffic in the way we didn't have chance to ride the road in the way we would have like too, but it has bend after bend as it climbs the 5 miles up the Nant Y Garth Pass.
 We arrived at the Pondarosa all in need of refreshments then headed back home down the Horseshoe pass, through Llangollen, Oswestry and along the A5 back to Shrewsbury, covering a total of over 240 miles and using 2 and a bit tanks of fuel.
 Good day, good company, good ride. Looking forward to our next few days out in July.

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