Saturday, September 1, 2012


During August some of us have been on our bikes for 3 of the 4 weekends.
 As usual for 2012 the weather in August has been mostly wet. The first ride of the month we decided that it was dry enough to go on our local route along the B4363 or as we call it the 3 bridges. Well it started off dry anyway, then it hammered down for about 20 minutes, but we made the most of it and ended up in Bewdley.
 On my way home a piece of wood that was in the road was kicked up by a car in front, I tried to avoid it but heard it hit the front fork and then the rear wheel went over it.
See we do go out if its raining!

The following weekend it was forecast to be reasonable weather so Wednesday evening while out for a beer planned an early start on Sunday. So Saturday morning I thought I would give the bike a coat of polish. I opened the garage door and straight away saw that the rear tyre was flat and a screw was embedded just off centre. Damn!
Number boards by Motographix
 I whipped the wheel off and took it to our local tyre shop to get it repaired, they looked at it and decided that the hole was too big to risk a repair so I had to order a new one as they didn't have one in stock. So I was wheel less for the weekend, so ended up on Ebay and bought myself something for the bike.
Mid week I collected the wheel and the parts I ordered had arrived so the following Saturday got busy putting the bike back together and applying my new number boards. Col commented that it tidys up the back end and follows the lines of the factory white section on the bottom of the front fairing, money well spent.
 The sun made an appearance so we set out early on the Sunday morning heading out for Newtown and the A483. Both Cols and My bike were looking cool, shiny and clean, we headed along the A483 and it turned out to be our best run yet, only slightly spoiled by a convoy of cars following a caravan but it was little work to get past them. A few bends later we managied a 42 degree lean angle and again a few miles on. My new rear tyre has been well and truely scrubbed in. We were both grinning when we stopped at the cafe for a coffee. Luckily the minidv cam was in action so we can watch it back once it starts getting to cold to go on 200 mile rides. The journey back was more of the same along another favourite road back to Knighton. We got back and Col said thats been the perfect ride, which it was.
At the end of a perfect ride
 Both Jon and Rich have been using their bikes during August. Jon went out for a ride with a mate from work to stretch the legs on his GSXR along the A456 one of his favourite roads, he says he enjoyed it and wants to go with us again soon and go a bit further.
Rich went on an all day run heading for Elan Valley. He says he was out for 6 hours and covered 213 miles but had an electrical problem on his ZX636, later he found the fault was related to the indicator.
 We are hoping to all get out again at the same time during the next few weeks, but lately its harder to organise than you think as some of us have to work Nights or Away or Sundays and get weekdays off!

 On a totally seperate issue I feel I have to mention this. The other day I was out on the bike and saw the new Honda Civic from behind. Its hideous looking. It looks as though the designer forgot all about rear lights and then thought, Oh shit where can I put them hmm I know I ll stick them here in the rear spoiler, have a look for yourself, somehow it looks worse in real life. Shame as the car looks good from all other angles.
I think I am gonna be sick
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