Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Bike Phone Apps

   Over the last 12 months I have been using the Pirelli Diablo Super Biker app for my iphone.
 I am amazed at what it can tell you and at how well it does it.
   Each time we go along our favourite road the A483 I start the app. Now, I don't ever try to beat any times, etc after all its a public road, I just take it as it comes, if conditions permit I'll lean the bike over around the corners and pass slower moving vehicles so the data that gets recorded is only just for my own interest and nothing else. However the App has 2 modes, 1 for road use and one for track use. Now the information provided around a circuit would make for far more interest, especially if you were setting up suspension or trying a new performance parts or doing track days.

Start Screen

 The app records things such as:-
Stock Picture
 Journey Time, Distance, Max speed, Average speed and Maximum lean angle, then laps of the same circuit can be compared. It overlays your route over a photo map so you can see where you have been. This worked great until the recent update to the Apple Iphone IOS which did away with Google Maps replacing it with the far inferior Apple Maps so the map quality has gone and you look at a wobbly red line in a square of blobs, but that's Apples fault not the makers of the App's.
It works all this out from the GPS signal, the accelerometer and the built in gyroscope in the iphone. We have carried out a few test on the system, testing speed distance, max lean with great success and accuracy. 
   Lapping a circuit gives extra data such as allowing you to compare 2 laps to see where you were faster and how much lean angle you applied, and share the data on facebook. Like I'm ever gonna do that!
   Unfortunately the last update has somewhat cocked this info up, it has almost doubled some of the stats. For example, the first time I used it after the update, the app informed me I had travelled over 120 mph and had a lean angle of 65 degrees, impossible I thought, I didn't go anywhere near 3 figure speeds along there. Luckily I have gone back to the previous version (1.4) which is the one that works for me, and the figures when combined with video evidence are within 1 mph and 1 degree so that's good enough for me.

 We use the app for our Ashwood Triangle competition to record the lap times.
 (This will be available in a later post)

To try it for yourself for free Click Here

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