Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Suzuki GSXR K8

 This is Carls Suzuki GSXR 1000 K8. The model was released in 2008 having minor changes to the paint scheme from the previous K7 model that Jon owns. Suzuki have always made class leading motorbikes and this is no exception. The engine chucks out 185 BHP and was the first main stream bike to have a power mode switch that lets the rider select between full power, medium for economy and a wet weather mode. Suzuki have fitted twin pipes on their 1000cc model which is different from the other manufacturers who make superbikes. 
Carl has changed the factory exhaust from the standard 2 pipes into a Scorpion, shorter, single sided pipe which gives a much louder roar under acceleration, saves weight and looks great. He has had the suspension lowered as it was a bit to high for him and finds it handles well.

 He has been making some artsy, photoshop pictures and has submitted them to the site for all to see. 

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