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 November has been a bad month for EDSBK as far as rides go. We have only had 1 weekend out on the bikes, which was a shame as the weather permitted the chance of a couple more even if the circumstances didn't as unfortunately I lost my mother in law at the start of the month.

 The ride we did go on was a little shorter than the normal route which took us out towards Telford and Ironbridge. This route is one of our more local, cold weather circuits that keeps us out for about 2 and a half hours including a stop for a warming coffee at The Food Stop Cafe at Quatt which is always a good place to visit. I particularly like the road from Buildwas to Wenlock the A4169, it always make me feel like I am in the Welsh mountains, miles away.
The roads had almost dried out at 10.30am but were quiet and the temperature had been down to -1 over night so there was still touches of frost on the edges of the leaves which were still clinging on to the twigs for their last few weeks.
 It was now 3 degrees as we set off to our first stop, the petrol station in Kingswinford, so tested some inner gloves. Col had just bought a pair of Weise silk inners for 8.99 and somehow I had picked up 1 oxford inner glove and a nylon and rubber coated glove I use at work. Its the kind that look a bit like the gloves the bin men wear, but only noticed this when I was putting them back on at the cafe.
 We have both just bought new Shark helmets as you can see in the picture they're the same. We look even more like the EDSBK logo now with Union Jack helmets a paint scheme that goes with anything.

Shark, Vision R Jack 
 The helmet has a fibreglass shell and one of the first things you notice is the light weight. It has a slightly larger aperture which gives more vision all around through the anti scratch and anti fog visor, there is some handy features such as the built in sunglasses again made from anti scratch and anti fog material, which drop down when you move a lever on the side of the helmet, also there is the town position which very slightly cracks open the visor allowing the air to pass up the inside of the visor and clear the mist that can appear on cold days and gives more ventilation. It has 3 vents which can be opened or closed with a patented exhaust system that sucks the air through the grooves on the inside of the helmet, also it has a chin curtain and all the inner lining can be removed and washed under the tap and allowed to air dry. It boasts it is Shark tooth ready which is some bluetooth system which we couldn't be too bothered with.
 We were both impressed with the helmet, however we both noticed that when the sun is low you cant shade your eyes with the inner top section of the opening as you could on our older helmets. Maybe a piece of tape  on the inner glasses would help solve that, I will keep you posted.

 Check these videos for more info - RevZilla review
                                                       Shark Video

 The glove test results
 Col was pleased with his Weise silk inner gloves saying his hands felt comfortable, no complaints which must be good as Col is normally the first of us to start complaining about the cold.
 My Oxford glove has a soft section that goes against your palm and a wind cheating bit on the back of your hand which worked well. I found the finger length was just a bit too long which caused the finger tips to scrunch up inside the leather gloves. It wasn't enough to be uncomfortable but was noticeable in 2 fingers.
Comparing it to the work glove I had on the other hand the Oxford glove was no warmer, but the rubber part on the nylon work glove against the palm of my hand was making it sweaty. We will test these again through the Winter and keep you posted.

 At the end of November we visited the Motorcycle live show at Birmingham. We went in the car as we all wanted stuff that could be awkward to carry on the bikes.
 I needed some better boots as my 12 year old pair leak and my feet get soaked when it rains, so found a pair of Sidi Vertigo Rain boots. They felt comfy when I tried them on and the show price was down to £170. The look on my face must have said Im off so the lady said well YOU can have them for £140. So I had them. Checking online these range from £139.99 upto £229.99 in the local bike shop so I was pleased with the deal.
 Check out the video for more info - Sportbike Track Gear

Our bike of the show was the new Honda Fireblade. We all agreed the position and look were best of the show, we thought the BMW H4 came a close 2nd.

On the Honda stand they had a group of the Iconic blades of which was one similar to Col's. On closer inspection it was not in as good shape as Col's but it did settle an ongoing question regarding the colour of the front edge of the front mud guard. (it should be all the same colour)
 During our visit we stopped off at James Whithams stage and watched him interviewing Ian Hutchinson and Simon Andrews about the Isle of Man TT and a little later we saw Top Gears Richard Hammond and Henry Cole from The Motorbike Show.

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