Sunday, June 2, 2013


The rumours are true. Jon has got his bike back on the road. Col and I received the obligatory text from him saying the sun was out, the sky was blue and he was by the cafe unable to see us!
 Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of this occasion, or any mention to how spruce his GSXR is looking but we are pleased that he will be joining us for some Sunday morning rides. Rich has joined us on our Sunday morning runs from mid May.

  2013's first run on the A483.

24 Miles of the A483
 Col and I met Rich at the usual layby at 9am on Sunday morning and we headed West to Craven Arms and onto Newtown to top up with fuel. Cols bike currently uses the most, roughly costing £1 more than me to do the same trip of 70 miles.
 We joined the A483 in Newtown and started the 24 mile journey to the Cafe.
  The 1st part we call ''The Twistys'' took some getting into to start with. I was getting my corners mixed up going in on the wrong side of the lane as the corner went the otherway, which also messes up the following corner, Col had been following me through the 1st section and Rich was a bit further behind upto the 30 limit in the village of Dolfor. Leaving the village we entered section 2, we call it ''The Hill'' as the road climbs to its highest peak. We enjoy the short climb and long decent of the road along there. Just over the top of the Hill Col came past and got some impressive lean angles around the next few bends as we dropped down the valley to the 50 limit at Llanbadarn - Fynydd.  My phone app suggested lean angles of 43.9 degrees not bad, but not the knee scraping angles you see on TV. I followed Col for a while waiting for my chance to re pass him. Leaving the village we started section 3, we call it "Sweepers" as its mostly long fast bends, I made my move past Col just after the first of these sweeping bends and quickly caught up with some cars doing around 50 mph and then had to wait a couple of minutes to have the opportunity to get past them which gave Rich time to catch up. We all past the cars before entering section 4, we call "Farm Lands", Its worth taking extra care along there as there is a lot more going on in the form of junctions and tractors coming out of field gateways, but it does have to its credit one more chance to lean it over at "Last bend"  before winding down and entering the village of Crossgates.
   We arrived at the cafe for a coffee and were full of the joys of riding the road. Luckily the way back over the hills to Knighton is almost as good. The Sun stayed out all morning making it all the better for stopping for a chat on the top of the Long Mynd before heading home for dinner.

 Jon says he will be on the next ride with us in June, it will be good to have the 4 of us out at once again.

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