Thursday, July 11, 2013


 The 1st weekend of June was the best of the year at the time, so the 4 of us arranged to meet at the usual layby with pre filled fuel tanks, to make it to Newtown.
 Rich arrived 1st followed by the rest of us a few minutes later. 3 of the 4 bikes were gleaming in the bright morning sunshine, unfortunately the GSXR needed a coat of polish but at least it was there!
 We decided to try a new route to get to Newtown, so headed to Clun through Craven Arms. The route was to follow along the B4368 through the village of Newcastle until it gets to the A489 by Kerry.
 I left Clun first followed by Col, and the others. The road to start with wasn't much fun having high banks either side, limited vision and having loose gravel patches here and there. I checked my mirror and noticed the gap to Col was getting bigger until I lost sight of him completely. Eventually I passed a farmer who had some sheep waiting to cross the road I saw him open the gate so pulled in to wait for the others. Jon then Col then Rich arrived a few minutes later and we set off again. The recently resurfaced road now got very good as it made its way up over the hill which had some nice corners thrown in to make it more interesting. This lasted for a few minutes before dropping back down the hill around some challenging bends eventually arriving at the A489. Me, Jon and Rich really enjoyed the road, but Col says there was too much gravel for his liking and couldnt wait to get to the end of it where it rejoined the usual road to Newtown.
 Eventually we arrived at Newtown and started the ride along the A483 to the cafe, there was alot of motorbikes along there, some were being ridden quite badly. I followed 3 guys on commuter style bikes, the 1st guy passed the car in front of him but his 2 mates couldn't get passed. Half an agitated mile later, the 2nd guy went for the pass closely followed by the last guy with a poorly timed manourvre pulling strait out into the path of an oncoming motorbike, which got him the raised middle finger gesture from the bike behind. Sometimes riders need to look at the road ahead and plan their overtake rather than just go for it because their mate has, most bikes can make an easy pass of a car travelling at 60mph.
 As usual the ride back is just as good as the ride there, so we stopped for 5 minutes to look at the view from the top of the Clee towards Malvern.

 The following 2 weeks I fell ill, eventually it was diagnosed as septicemia so was too ill to ride and was told ''no beer for 2 weeks'', which was a shame as the one weekend was the hottest of the year (not that I noticed).

 Carl and Penny went to Oulton Park in May and Carl took some excellent photos from the races.

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