Sunday, August 4, 2013


    During July we did our EDSBK Road trip which you can read about in the section below. In short we have decided next time we go into Europe we will take the bikes over in a van and ride the bikes when over there. This way if anyone has a problem we have our own back up service as RAC and such like don't offer the service that you think your getting. However they are going to re pay my charges.

    Due to my bike being away having the repair done and then our holidays we manage only one other ride in July.
   For that ride we headed to Wales and the A483 again, meeting at the usual layby. Col, Rich and myself set off at 8am. I had been leading the way for a while and noticed Rich was a good way behind so pulled in and asked if he fancied doing a bike swap for a while as I had not yet had a go on his Kawasaki ZX636.
   I was quite surprised by the handling and power for 2 different reasons. The riding position felt nice, a little more upright than what I am used too, making the bike feel bigger than it is. However the suspension and /or tyres need to be adjusted for my liking as the bike seemed to bounce as I was cornering or changing speed.
   The power felt almost as good as my R1, if you knocked it down the gears into 4th the acceleration was gutsy. I knew the road quite well so anticipated the gear needed for the up coming corners and the bike pulled well, but leaving it in top the bigger engine'd bikes would start to pull away. The aftermarket Blueflame exhaust gives a nice sporty sound. During our trip to Germany the ZX636 didn't miss a beat, and I would have of happily swapped my R1's riding position for it on the motorway sections. 

    Bikes like this prove to me for the kind of rides we do a 600cc bike would perform perfectly and definitely is something on the cards for my next bike.

 Hmm, I've always liked the Triumph Daytona!

    We eventually after a number of stops reached the A483 but it was busy. There was a lot more cars than we have seen on there on previous days and the journey back was much the same. 
It was not one of our bests Sunday morning rides, later in the week I was saying to Col if that had been the day we discovered the A483 we probably wouldn't have gone back there for a while.
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