Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The weather started to get colder through November so found the inner gloves and thicker neck warmers out of the cupboard before starting out.
  We headed towards Telford with the Wenlock road in mind, but the cold struck so we cut it short and turned off at Sutton Maddock towards the cafe.
 The roads were damp and the bright sunshine made it hard to see when heading in its direction. I was glad I still had my modified sun glasses fitted as it worked a treat.
 We arrived at the cafe in Bridgnorth and saw plenty of other cold looking bikers who had braved the falling temperature to get the most of the morning sunshine and a warming cup of coffee.
Re heated we headed home, via 3 corner covert.

Photoshop of possible new look for 2014
 One evening myself and Col were talking and he decided he wants to change the look of his bike so it has a more shinny appearance by getting the bottom of his fairing painted black to match the tank. I made a picture to see how it might look using photoshop.
 I too have a couple of repaint ideas for my R1. First is the bottom white panel needs re painting where it scraped along the road when I came off it, and the 2nd is a deep scratch that i have temporarily
 repaired after my Dad caught it with a trailer when the bike was stored in his garage.
 Neither are big stand out marks but i know they are there and see them everytime I polish it.

  We plan on going to the bike show in December and hopefully will make a few rides out if the sun is out.

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