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This season:-

 Phill and Col visit the Motorcycle Live show.

The R1 Breaks down again.

The Best of 2013

 Motorcycle Live show.

In December Col and Me went to the NEC to the Motorcycle Live show. After paying £8 to park and £20 each to get in, we checked out all the hot models that the big manufacturers had on show, then we looked at the Superbikes they had too.

 Yamaha R1.
To me it felt very similar to my 03 R1 from the seat, bars and feet positions. I instantly liked it, but personally I am not sure I liked the paint scheme, but Col said it was one of his favourite looks for the R1.

I check it out - yes it feels like all the others!

 Most realistically the next bike I will probably own will be the 2008 R1. I still think this is my favourite of all the R1's

BMW S1000RR 
As always the BMW looked and felt good, we both thought the paint scheme was one of its best so far.
Col pops a wheelie

 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
 We both like the fireblade and still think its one of the nicest looking bikes. If money was no object I think the Fireblade would be the bike I would most likeley buy brand new.

 Suzuki GSXR 1000. 

  The Suzuki looks good and feels roomy and looked a nice bike, however not as nice as the Honda. What I do like is the adjustable bits on them.

While having my photo took this babe came and slipped her hand in my back pocket!
Some folks will do anything to get on EDSBK

Kawasaki ZX10R

 We could see why the Kawasaki seems to be a racers favourite at the moment. BSB and WSB have more ZX10R's than any other manufacturer. the bike looks good and the positions all felt good. Not sure if i like the exhaust can though.

Triumph 675 Daytona
I know Triumph dont do a Superbike, mores the pitty. However the 675 Daytona is still one of my favourite bikes so its getting a mention. I have said in the past that if i was not going for a litre bike I would have one of the 2009 model or newer Triumph Daytona's. I think it looks great and feels more roomy than my R1. 
 This year I want to take a test ride on one of these.

Me supporting my new Milwaukee Yamaha Jacket

 The R1 Breaksdown again

 Christmas week I decided to run my bike in the garage, just to let the battery charge and get the fluids circulating. 25 Minutes later the bike stopped. When I came to restart it the battery was flat and only having had this same problem 5 months ago I got my tester out to find that the stator was not sending anything up the wires to the regulator/rectifier. 
 Since then it seems to have taken an age to get the fitter to say he can replace it under warranty and the saga is still not completely sorted but is getting there.
  As this problem has happened twice, I have looked into it, spoke to Yamaha mechanics, read other articles and now I know as much as anyone needs to know about the charging system testing it and fixing it. So I will be writting a post so that anyone else with the same problem can hopefully understand what the bits do and how you can tell if they are working properly.
 I am gonna take it back to the mechanic though!

Theres always a long wait for my Mechanic!

Review of 2013

The Road Trip
  Early in January we got together and decided where to carry on the search for our ultimate road. After watching numerous clips from youtube we decided on the B500 in southern Germany. 
 During the trip we rode across France to Straussberg and rode the B500 a few times which made it straight into our ultimate roads list. Travelling all that way we still needed our waterproofs on 1 day and The Yamaha R1 brokedown giving us a story to tell! Click here to read about the Trip

 The votes have been cast and the Everyday Superbikes best of 2013 has been compiled 

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