Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 Somehow we had great weather for a whole week in March. Temperatures were better than in Egypt on one day so Col and I made the most of it.
 Dom had returned from his week away and we decided to get a coffee from there. We took an old favourite route from Bridgnorth along the B4364 to Ludlow.

Col suggested we swapped bikes to see if they feel any different to ride. The suspension felt firmer on Cols and the Gear changer was in a totally different place but apart from than the only noticable difference was from the Scorpion Pipe sticking out of the back  of Cols bike. We filled up at Craven Arms and swapped back onto our own bikes then headed for Clun along the A489 and then onto Knighton and eventually Leominster. We arrived at Doms, Sam the dog was there wondering around the bike park and seating area looking for a free feed. The place was packed, it felt good to be back on the road after the winter.

  Col is pleased with the look of his bike since going for the all black look, the finish is excellent and the repair to the fairing unnoticable. To finish off the look he has had the rear pegs powder coated which finishes it off nicely.

  My new bike has had a few changes made to it, mostly adjusting this and that but main things are, I have replaced the red screen for a standard Honda clear one, I added the white tape around the edges of the wheels, at first i was undecided, but now I think it makes it look a bit special. I replaced the tank protector from a picture one to a plain black one, I have added paddock stand bobbins and ordered a Scorpion pipe.

    Jon and Rich are still to make an appearance this year, but they be there soon.
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