Thursday, June 5, 2014


Sunday rides through Spring have been sparse to say the least. While Cols bike was away waiting for a new stator, the only ride I managed was an hour along a few local roads and a few laps of the 3 corner covert or Ashwood triangle. I did 5 laps and managed to get my times for the laps to under 2 seconds difference. I am hopeing this years competition will have a few more participants and I want to actually win for once.

  The competition is simple, you just do 4 laps and try to get each lap time as close to each other as possible. That means its about being consistent and  not so much about speed and as its on public roads the national speed limit applys. The whole competition is 10 miles.

 The following weekend I decided it was about time Jons bike was put back on the road. I met up with Jon and we changed the brake pads and rear disk. We washed it but it needs a proper clean. We used a mallet and hammered the wheel rim to knock a slight flat spot into place. Then tested it up the road and it felt OK.
  He is taking it for a proper inspection and MOT shortly, so we hope to see him out with us soon, however I think the Queen of England will buy a bike and come with us sooner than him!

  The following Sunday of the season Rich, Col who had just had his bike returned after 3weeks in the repair shop and me met up early and set off in the direction of Wales. The roads there seemed busier than usual and eventually we found the start of one of our favourite roads.
  After a few minutes I came a cross a car. I followed him for a short while and noticed that he had gone wide into a corner and slowed enough for me to go past, I was in 2nd gear doing about 15mph at this point and going into a short straight leading to a blind left, nothing was coming so I opened the throttle and quickly came along side the car 2 foot over the broken centre line of the road. As I was level with the car around the corner came a police 4x4 and a few seconds later I was back in front of the car and away around the corner. The others laughed as I had done that in front of the police, but I said they didn't see the event leading up to it. The journey home was traffic filled and my mind questioning if I had made a mistake back there, I didn't feel so up for it over the rest of our ride.

Safely back on my side of the road..?

 Carl has been taking photos again of the BSB races and has posted a video on his Youtube channel,
 click HERE to watch his latest offering

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