Sunday, July 20, 2014


There has been a lot happened over the last few months which I will post over the next few weeks.

Trust in the weather app

 A few weeks ago on a day that promised mostly sunshine we arranged to meet in our usual lay by. I arrived to see Jon, Matt, and Ben already there, Col pulled up with me and Rich arrived shortly after. We set off with Dom's Cafe in Leominster as the destination via Clun and Knighton. 
 The clouds darkened as we got closer to Bridgnorth and then it started to rain. We stopped to fill up with fuel and decided we would alter our plans and go to a cafe to wait out the rain. 
 The rain got heavier when we stopped and over a coffee Ben said he was going back so Matt said he would too. The forecast seemed to think the rain would stop in half an hour and Knighton had 0 chance of rain all day, so the rest of us set off in that direction.
 We arrived at Clun, over head we had patches of blue between the light clouds.
For Jon's first ride with us of the year it was a good call as we met no more rain.
It was good to have Jon "the rolling road block" back with us again, and we really hope he can come more often.

Who is that?

5 go on the 483

  Two weeks later the weather promised to stay dry for the day so I met up with Col, Rich, Matt and Louise with the A483 and the additional "loop" that we have discovered.
Since the time at Easter when Col's bike broken down Matt has had new tyres and found a setup that he likes. As he had been talking about setups, I thought I would adjust mine as I noticed on corners the bike felt as though it was bouncing up and down on the suspension. I'll stiffen it up I thought, adding a few turns to the front and rear. Matt still wanted to try the A483 as we had been on about it every time we saw him. You could see he was better around the corners than the previous time he came with us on the journey to Newtown. We pulled of the garage after re-fueling and turned onto the start of the A483.
 Through the twisty section at the start of the road was clear and traffic free, we were all fairly close as we went though the 30 MPH limit and came across a car who pulled out infront of us. I passed him on the next bit of road that had a good enough view, I checked my mirror and saw Matt right behind me. We took it steady waiting for the others to get past and catch up which seemed to be ages. I twisted the throttle and got back upto speed leaning it into the corners and running slightly wide on a couple of occasions before the village and its 50 MPH limit. We were then behind a 4x4 as we left the village. Again I waited for the others to appear in the mirror, but Matt pulled out passing me and the 4x4, so I went too. Col passed it shortly after followed by Rich and Lou. Matt was cornering well, this time my setup was too hard. When cornering there seemed to be no movement in the front at all, however the back felt great. 
  We pulled onto the Cafe for a coffee, Matt was buzzing about how fun the road was, 
I said "Its not finished yet!"

Matt can lean, here 29 degrees

 We rejoined the 483 and went through Llandidrod Wells and onto Bulith Wells before joining the 481 another great bit of road. This time Col was leading. As we got to the best part of that road, the last bit that winds up between the hills, we caught up to 3 Motocross style bikes. They gave us room to pass, Col passed one of them and I came up along side the back one, but thought better of it so stayed behind them as they were just a quick as us around these last few tight bends, they turned off in a different direction as we met the A44 and headed back towards Knighton before going our seperate ways to get back home.

  A good mornings ride was had by all, and the rain stayed away until my bike was back in the garage.

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