Monday, September 21, 2015

2016 BMW C650 Sport, C650 GT unveiled

2016 BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT

The BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT are big, comfortable, (reasonably) fast and not too bad looking. They even have ABS, stability control and side-view assist. These are scooters, so what more could you ask for?

BMW have unveiled their new, 2016-spec scooters – the C650 Sport, for riders who want to go fast in the twisty bits, and the C650 GT, for those who want to tour in peace and comfort. Both are powered by a 647cc parallel-twin, which pumps out 60bhp, meets EU4 emissions norms and adheres to the new European ECE R41-04 noise test regulations.

The new BMW scooters get a new CVT set-up with optimized clutch engagement, for improved acceleration and throttle response. Both, the C650 Sport and the C650 GT, continue to use a torsionally stiff hybrid-composite chassis structure, consisting of a tubular steel bridge frame and a die-cast aluminium unit in the area of the swingingarm bearing. With this, according to BMW, they’ve created a more comfortable suspension set-up, which offers the perfect balance between sport riding dynamics and ride comfort.

Both scooters get Bosch ABS and automatic stability control (ASC), while side view assist (SVA, which helps the rider by monitoring the blind spot during lane change maneuvers) is an optional extra, available only on C650 GT. Styling on both the scoots is has been updated, with new rear/side trim panels, new rear taillamp, new handlebar trim, revised instrumentation and a new automatic daytime riding light function.
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