Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yard Built Yamaha XJR1300 Big Bad Wolf unleashed

With 148 horsepower at its rear wheel, you've got to be wary of the Yard Built Yamaha XJR1300 'Big Bad Wolf,' or it might just huff and puff and blow your bike in!

Yamaha are on to a good thing with their ‘Yard Built’ XJRs. Big, brutal engines, retro styling, capable chassis/suspension and no going overboard with technology – just the way we like it! The newest bike to join the YB line-up is Spanish custom builders, El Solitario’s Big Bad Wolf.

“El Solitario is not familiar with 4-cylinder bikes so at first we couldn’t understand the challenge. For months we tried to answer the same question – how could we take it further? Asking what scared us the most, the answer was performance and technology. Both were unknown and expensive paths for us. Suddenly, aversion turned into curiosity and we had our challenge,” says El Solitario’s David Loner. “We are motorcycle poets not engineers, so countless hours of research, and the love of our friends, made it possible to find the best partners in the world of fast bikes, and with their help, we developed one of the gnarliest muscle bikes ever to be seen in recent years,” he adds.

“We wanted to challenge El Solitario with the Yard Built project to show a different side to them and push them to see what they are capable of. The result is impressive! With no cutting or welding to the frame of the XJR they have proved that the bike continues to be an excellent base for customization, no matter what direction you choose to build in. We’ve seen a number of amazing builds this year, taking different looks on the XJR and this is again a new approach. The level of detail is fantastic, and we are proud of the collaboration, showing not just a new face for the XJR but also new ground for El Solitario,” says Yamaha Motor Europe Product Manager Shun Miyazawa.
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