Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2016 Aprilia RSV4 R-FW unveiled, packs 230+ horsepower

The 230+ horsepower Aprilia RSV4 R-FW (top) is for those supremely talented (and very rich...) riders, who can't be bothered with the mere 200bhp RSV4 RF (above), which anyway also gets updated for 2016

Aprilia have seen the BMW HP4, Yamaha R1M and Kawasaki H2 etc., and are no longer willing to play second fiddle to anyone. Clearly, a 200bhp Aprilia RSV4 RF is too feeble for some riders, so Aprilia are now ready with a proper RSV4-based racebike for the street, the RSV4 R-FW, which is basically a Superstock 1000 FIM racer with headlamps. "The RSV4 racing versions we are presenting at EICMA are a unique opportunity that Aprilia Racing is making available to those who want to own a real race bike," says Romano Albesiano, Aprilia's Racing Director.

Under this new initiative, Aprilia will create 'Factory Works' (FW) bikes that comply with Superstock and Superbike Championship regulations, with maximum power going beyond 230bhp. Variants include the RSV4 R-FW Stock1 MM Race, RSV4 R-FW Stock2 APX Race, RSV4 R-FW SBK, RSV4 R-FW W-SBK and RSV4 R-FW Misano. Depending on the version, the bikes get exotic bits like race-spec Öhlins suspension and forged alloy wheels, an extra-light lithium battery, reprogrammed ECU with race maps for engine and bike management, optional Akrapovic exhaust kit, race-spec data acquisition systems, race-spec instrumentation and an electronic gearbox with assisted quick-shift. According to Aprilia, the RSV4 R-FW bikes are capable of doing well at any competitive level (as long as you bring the necessary talent, of course...), yet remain within the reach of enthusiasts who want to feel the same rush that's felt by SBK world champs. A noble objective, we're sure, even though we'd be perfectly happy with a regular, 200bhp RSV4 RF!

Speaking of the RSV4 RR and RF, those bikes are still very much around for 2016. The new RSV4 RF gets new Öhlins rear suspension and V4-MP multimedia platform for 2016, and both bikes get revised graphics. The triple headlamps have been revised and now come with LED parking lights and LED turn indicators. The engine has also been revised and gets a 16bhp power boost, and weight has been reduced by 2.5 kilos. The lubrication system has also been redesigned and optimised - a brand new oil sump ensures increased draught even at extreme lean angles and under maximum acceleration / deceleration, while gearbox ratios have been revised to take advantage of the updated, more powerful engine. Race ABS and 2nd generation APRC are standard across the board. A range of Akrapovic and Öhlins accessories are available for the Aprilia RSV4 RR and limited-edition RF, along with a host of carbonfibre parts. With a dry weight of 180kg and 200bhp power outputs, we don't really see what more a sportsbike/superbike enthusiast could possibly ask for!
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