Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ducati XDiavel wins Red Dot award for best design

Ducati XDiavel S Ducati XDiavel S
Ducati XDiavel S Ducati XDiavel S
The new Ducati XDiavel has been judged as 'best of best' in the product design category, by Red Dot

The Ducati XDiavel S, which we think is the world's coolest looking musclebike/cruiser, has won the 2016 Red Dot Award for being the 'Best of the Best' in the 'Product Design' category. The actual prize will be given away later this year at the Red Dot Awards ceremony, which will be held on 4 July at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany.

Every year, the Red Dot Design Award is given to the most original, deserving examples of design and innovation. This year, a jury consisting of 40 internationally renowned design experts assessed over 5,000 products before assigning the coveted prize to the XDiavel S. 'Long, low-slung, muscular, with contemporary lines and sophisticated componentry. Above all, sexy,' said Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Style Center Manager. 'On one hand the motorcycle’s design was inspired by the cruiser world. On the other hand, Ducati DNA. It drives the cruiser concept headlong into a modern context – a real technocruiser with futuristic styling and state-of-the-art technology. Extreme in its proportions, the XDiavel was deliberately design element by element. If you observe each one individually, it is as if the frame, the fuel tank, the headlamp, the tailpiece and the silencer live a life of their own, yet at the same time they go to make up a perfectly balanced, harmonious whole. A prize such as the Red Dot Award rewards Ducati’s creativity and innovation as much as it repays our tenacity in facing new challenges and venturing along new roads,' he added.

High-res pics of the Ducati XDiavel in action, here
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