Monday, May 2, 2016

Praëm S1000RR pays homage to 1980s endurance racers, looks gorgeous

Praëm BMW S1000RR endurance racer Praëm BMW S1000RR endurance racer Praëm BMW S1000RR endurance racer
We can honestly say we've never seen a motorcycle as beautiful, as utterly gorgeous as this one

Earlier this year, in January, French motorcycle outfit Praëm had shown their first project, the Praëm SP3, which was based on the Honda RC51. While that bike was pretty cool, their second project, a customised BMW S1000RR, pretty much blows everything away - it's just fabulous! Created by brothers (and Praëm owners) Sylvain and Florent, in homage to the endurance racers of the 1980s, the Praëm S1000RR uses a stock BMW S1000RR's engine and chassis, but everything else is custom built, and looks incredible.

The Praëm S1000RR features a modified and lengthened aluminum fuel tank, carbonfibre wheels, carbon-ceramic brake discs, endurance racing-type radiator, slick tyres, Werkes titanium exhaust and revised fuel-injection mapping. With extensive use of carbonfibre and titanium, weight has been reduced by about 20 kilos and the Praëm S1000RR weighs in at just 184kg. The design aesthetic and the colours used are, by BMW's own admission, taken from the 1970s-80s.

"This new project makes me work again on a BMW and I am very proud. Once the outline of the motorcycle was defined, Florent and I were free to explore a new direction with the racing 80s, while using an ultra modern base. It is extraordinary what BMW has managed to do with a very powerful engine but perfectly tamed by electronics. We tried to keep all the technology, traction control, active suspension, Race ABS, launch control etc., while taking the S1000RR to another aesthetic universe," says Sylvain. All we can say is, Sylvain, we love your BMW very, very much!
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