Wednesday, June 29, 2016

RSD Scout pays homage to 1920s Indian racebikes

RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout
RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout RSD Scout
The RSD Scout, another gnarly build from Roland Sands, is for a customer called Thor. Ahem..

Indian have provided the first official pics and details of their latest custom-built bike, the RSD Scout, which was first shown earlier this month at the Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz, France. 'The Scout is a pretty cool machine stock. Polaris did a damn good job of putting together a production Scout with a great powerplant. And in its stock form it’s got a lot to work with from a customisation stand point,' says Roland Sands, who's built the RSD Scout. 'Stylistically, this RSD Scout points towards the future with, say, a 15% nod to the Scout of the past. What it’s not? Well it’s definitely not a ‘cruiser’ anymore. If you’re a fan of the traditional Indian Scout, then you understand that the Scout was originally a racer. This RSD Scout carries that racing heritage,' he adds.

To build the bike you see here, the RSD team completely deconstructed the stock Scout and rebuilt it with a frame made from ChroMoly. 'The actual frame we came up with is very similar to the one we used for Victory’s Project 156. What that means is it’s a very lightweight frame with much more aggressive geometry than the stock Scout frame, shorter, and with less rake. We’ve also utilised the same rear suspension package we used for Project 156. If you’re hip to the Polaris method, the Scout and the Project 156 share some mounting points, which made this project much easier, as we’d perfected the suspension geometry on the 156,' says Sands.
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