Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bott XR1R, a 150bhp flattracker for closed circuit use only, prepares to do battle at the 2017 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Bottpower XR1R Bottpower XR1R Bottpower XR1R Bottpower XR1R
The dark and handsome Bott XR1R flattracker is for competition use only. In terms of its design, styling, mechanicals and overall engineering, it's an impressive package

Based in Valencia, Spain, Bottpower is a motorsports engineering company that specialises in custom-built motorcycles. Managed by David Sanchez, a mechanical engineer himself, B'power build some pretty cool machines, some of which you see on their website here. We particularly like their latest bike, the Bott XR1R flattracker, a track-use-only, racing version of their earlier XR1, which itself is based on the Buell XB12SS. Indeed, the XR1R uses the Buell's air and oil cooled 1203cc "Thunderstorm" V-Twin, which produces more than 100bhp and 110Nm of torque. The custom-built chassis, made of Titanium, has been designed by built by Bottpower themselves. A Showa fork (from the Buell 1125R) and an Öhlins monoshock handle suspension duties, while the Bott XR1R rolls on 17-inch wheels, shod with 120/70 and 180/55 slicks. In deference to its Buell roots, the bike uses a single 375mm brake disc up front, with a 6-piston caliper. Fuel tank capacity is 13 litres and the XR1R weighs about 165-170 kilos.

"We see this bike as big and quite radical supermoto, which feels at home on twisty tracks," says David. "This XR1R unit is a Bottpower laboratory bike, which we are using to test and develop new solutions for our bikes and customers. In fact, we have a very good customer who ordered a Bott XC1 cafe racer with titanium frame and racing electronics, and the first target of this XR1R is to develop those components," he adds. As of now, the Bott XR1R is already Euro 4 compliant and packs advanced electronics, including a launch control system an adjustable traction control system, three different engine maps and a speed limiter for the pit lane. There's a full race-spec data acquisition system and in the quest for weight reduction, even the electric started has been removed. "As culmination of the project, we are already working to race with the XR1R in 2017 Pikes Peak race," says David. "Our target with this bike in race configuration is to achieve a power to weight ratio better than 1:1. This is, more than 150bhp and less than 150kg," he adds.
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