Wednesday, July 13, 2016

David Yurman, Walt Siegl collaborate to build a $48,000 forged carbon motorcycle

With its 1970s endurance racer styling cues, red-and-black paintjob and gold-painted wheels, the Yurman carbon bike looks stunningly beautiful. It's gorgeous!

New York-based sculptor and jewellery brand owner, David Yurman has collaborated with custom motorcycle builder Walt Siegl to create a high-end machine called the David Yurman Forged Carbon Motorcycle by MV Agusta, which is priced at US$48,000. David's son, Evan, is a biker boy who collects dirtbikes, vintage BMWs and old Harleys. Wanting to promote his dad's collection of designer luxury baubles, he teamed up with Siegl to create a "statement bike." The machine itself is based on an MV Agusta F3 800. The three-cylinder, 150bhp MV engine, as well as chassis and suspension are all stock, while Siegl has designed and built the front fairing and tailpiece. The triple clamp and the front and rear fenders, made of forged carbon, are bespoke items.

The David Yurman Forged Carbon Motorcycle makes extensive use of kevlar and forged carbonfibre, which makes it suitably expensive to produce. "There’s no profit involved in this at all, whatsoever. Walt is a great bike modifier and sculptor, and I was inspired to call him up and collaborate," says Evan Yurman, who adds that if the bike were priced appropriately, it would cost closer to $250,000. Which, incidentally, is what a brand-new Ferrari 488 GTB costs. Then again, the Yurman motorcycle comes with a forged carbon keychain, which probably makes it all worthwhile. "If you just take forged carbon and put it in jewelry, that is only a one-way conversation. But if you put it in the form of a motorcycle, something you can use, it becomes a dialogue. So we got to utilize it in a different way that may be considered esoteric to some, but for the people who utilize it as a means to their industry, like Walt, we give them the opportunity to think way outside the box," says Evan.
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